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Measles Outbreak Posted on 26 Apr 2018


  •   Measles is in the news again. There have been serious outbreaks in Wales and England and the number of children catching measles is rising. 
  •  Measles can be a very serious disease, leading to ear and chest infections, fits, diarrhoea, and damage to the brain. Measles can kill.
  •  Your child is at risk of measles if he or she hasn’t had the MMR vaccination.
  •  Two doses of MMR vaccine are needed to get the best protection.
  •  If your child is due to have had two doses of MMR but has not yet received them, no matter what age they are, you should make an appointment with the surgery.*
  •  If you can’t remember if your child has had any, one or two doses of MMR vaccine, check his or her personal child health record (the Red Book). If this doesn’t help, speak to the surgery.
  •  If you don’t know how many doses your child has had, it’s better to have two doses of MMR vaccine now rather than risk leaving them unprotected.

 Measles is a serious illness that can be unpleasant and lead to complications, especially in vulnerable, immuno-compromised or pregnant patients


 Measles is highly infectious to anyone who is not im-mune—being in the same room as someone with mea-sles for more than 15 minutes is a significant exposure


Measles symptoms can include:


 High fever


 Sore, red, watery eyes


 Coughing and/or runny nose


 Small red spots with bluish-white centres inside the mouth


 A red-brown blotchy rash, which appears after several days


 Anyone phoning the surgery with any of these symptoms should be told not to come into the surgery or go into a walk-in centre or hospital A&E department where they could infect others. Arrangements should be made for them to receive clinical advice by telephone


 Anyone presenting in the surgery with any of the above symptoms (the rash may not be present in the initial stages) should be assessed and isolated away from the main waiting area if there is any suspicion they could have measles.


 This sounds alarming but remember most people will be immune to measles—either because they have had two doses of MMR vaccination or generally healthy people born before 1970 are likely to have developed natural immunity. However, any immunocompromised patients, unvaccinated children and young people or pregnant women are vulnerable to the infection.


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