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Register with us

If you would like to register at the Practice please complete a registration form. Registration forms are available to download and print below or ask our Reception Team for a form at the Practice.

The Practice welcomes registering patients from the surrounding areas of Leeds 8 and Leeds 14, subject to the distance from the Practice.

Registration Check List

  1. Ideally, we require two forms of ID including Photo ID (Driving license, Passport or Citizen Card) and proof of address (i.e. utility bill or similar). Please note, you will not be refused registration if you cannot provide ID.

  2. Complete both forms GMS1 form and Practice Health Questionnaire  forms (Adult or Child 0-15)

  3. A list of your repeat medications (if you have any)

Accessibility & Communication

We want to ensure that you can access and understand information.  This applies to patients and their carers who have information and/or communication needs relating to disability, impairment or sensory loss.  If you have an information or communication need, please download the form and hand it to us at reception or emailing to us at:

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