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17th June - 23rd June 2024

Cervical Screening Awareness Week is here! Coronavirus has changed lots of things, but Cervical Screening Awareness Week isn’t one of them.

If you are due cervical screening or have had a test cancelled, you might be wondering what is going on. Whether it’s your first or your last test, this week we’re going to help you understand changes to cervical screening as a result of coronavirus, including what to expect if you go.

Cervical screening during coronavirus: How does it work now?
5 million women are invited for cervical screening every year in the UK but over the last few months many tests have been postponed and invitations paused. We also know that cervical screening isn’t always easy and coronavirus might have made it more complicated. During Cervical Screening Awareness Week we’re helping you make sense of the changes. 

Cervical screening: How it works now FAQs
Coronavirus has changed a lot about our lives, including the experience of visiting your GP surgery. If you have been invited for cervical screening (a smear test), you may have questions or concerns about how your appointment will work now. We hope this page gives you answers or points you in the right direction to get them.

Get involved
We want every woman to know where they can get information and support about cervical screening at this difficult time, and we need your help to do so! It’s really easy to get involved and there are lots of ways you can do so, from supporting on social media to getting your workplace involved. If you are involved in delivering screening then we have lots of ideas for you too.

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