Men's Health Week

15 - 21/06/2020

Led by the Men's Health Forum (, the purpose of Men’s Health Week is to raise awareness of preventable health issues and encourage men and boys to seek professional advice for health-related problems. This year focus is to take actions against Covid-19.

For men
take action to avoid spreading the virus
take action to get the best out of lock down and the 'new normal'
take action to beat 'underlying conditions'.

For employers
take action to understand the virus
take action on social distancing
take action to make workplaces safe.

For government
take action to protect everyone by recognising, analysing, researching (and publishing) how the virus affects different groups of people in different ways
take action to track, trace, isolate and support - with a targeted support for different needs
take action to support organisations working with men.
Week Events
(including webinar on Covid-19 and Men)



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