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What is Linking Leeds?
Linking Leeds is a city wide social prescribing service for anyone aged 16+ and registered to a GP surgery in Leeds. Social prescribing is a way of linking you
with services and activities within your community to
improve your health and wellbeing. They tend to work with you for up to 12 weeks, this depends on what you need as some people just want information on what is
available, while others need more help.
How to contact them:
If you think you would benefit from this service or have any questions, you can introduce yourself to the social prescribing service by contacting us on:
If you have any queries or additional support needs please contact us.
0113 336 7612
The Reginald Centre, 263 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, LS7 3EX
The website includes an introduction form for you to complete You can also gain an introduction via your GP. You can gain an introduction via your GP surgery - ask your GP surgery for further information.

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