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If you're an adult who experienced abuse as a child. You may not have felt able to talk to someone about what happened. Or, you may have tried and not felt heard. You are not alone.
What happened to you as a child, may have had a deep and possibly devastating effect on your well-being (physical and psychological). As an adult, you may have experienced anxiety, anger, low moods, feelings of guilt and shame. You may also have had problems with relationships, difficulty trusting other people or behaved in ways which put yourself at risk or danger. It's important to understand that this is likely to be linked with the abuse. Remember all abuse is wrong and it is never the child's (or young person's) fault.
Whatever the difficulties that you are experiencing now, there is help and support available in Leeds and you are not alone. There are people who will believe what you have to say and who want to support you. Go to the Mindwell website and check out a range of support options you may feel helpful.

Key professionals from organisations in Leeds joining forces with those adults who have experienced child
sexual abuse.

A group that advocates best practice, successes, and learning. Through sharing the experiences of those
who have experienced child sexual abuse.

Visible want to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes of adults who have
experienced child sexual abuse.

For more information please contact : 0113 2455725
Additionally you can visit the website:

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