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Our Mission

Together as a Practice






Together for our staff

















Together for our community 



We care for our patients – showing respect, empathy and enabling them to receive the right care with the right professional or organisation at the right time. With the patient at the centre, we will partner with them in managing their condition – tailoring the care we give to their individual needs.

We care by offering:

  • Equality to all patients irrespective of race, age, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.

  • A Holistic approach treating the patient with dignity, professionalism and compassion.

  • Timely access allowing the patient to see or speak with the appropriate health care professional within an appropriate time scale for the urgency of the problem, whilst encouraging realistic expectations from our patients.

  • Safety of the patient by keeping our environment clean and ensuring referral and repeat medication requests are dealt with in a manner that reduces errors whilst preventing unnecessary delays.

  • Involvement of our patients in our Practice’s patient participation group and by ensuring that as a practice we are able to offer a wide range of services by active involvement within our CCG. 




We make Park Edge Practice a highly attractive and desirable place to work, where mutual respect, support and a clear sense of purpose are hallmarks of the team.  

We care by offering:

  • Equality so that all staff feel valued and supported whilst ensuring that the practice has clear protocols and handbooks explaining appropriate behaviour within the practice.  

  • Training so that staff are supported in their role and given opportunity to develop and learn new skills.

  • Safety of staff by ensuring compliance with current regulations and also ensuring safe working models.

  • Involvement of staff in practice decisions by effectively communicating and building a team atmosphere. 

  • Financial security by fully engaging in service provision and prudent stewarding of money entrusted to the Practice we aim to offer continuity of employment at a level commensurate with other public sector workers. 


We look to create a hub for support and education tailored to our patient population. This will be in partnership with the patient reference group and in response to patient feedback.

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