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Prescriptionsand certificates



We recommend that you create an online account so you can order your prescriptions from there. Please check our patient online access page for more details.

A summary of the different ways in which you can order your medication is below:

1. Online by either SystmOne patient online access or downloading the NHS App on your smartphone or directly through an email to All of these options are located on the patient online access page of our website.

2. Hand in at reception or post in our entrance foyer post box.

In all cases there are security measurements confirming your identify. 

We can issue your medication within 2 full working days. Our doctors are consulting patients all day so it is not easy to complete your request immediately. This also give us time to ensure that your medical records are checked and up to date. 

Please note that you may be asked to have a medications review consultation with a doctor, nurse, practice pharmacist or Hub pharmacist during your course of treatment.

Please check the Practice Prescription Journey information sheet for more details.



Certificates (Fit notes)

If you are off work ill for up to 7 days, a fit note is not needed as you can self certify your absence with your employer. If you require a fit note (before April 2020 was called sick note) we are usually able to provide this to you. The fit note is normally given to you after you are seen by one of our doctors. In some circumstances a fit note is given without visiting the practice. We suggest you send your request by e-consult and then we might be able to provide this to you remotely. For more information go to our online patient access page. 

Click the box below to find information

on fit notes (sick notes).

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